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Pre-Selection Questionnaire

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  * Why do you want to be part of the Gliderol Authorised Distributor Alliance Program?
  * What expertise would you bring to Gliderol in the region?
  * Do you have any trade qualifications?
  If ‘YES’ what are they?
  * Is it a new business?
  If ‘YES’ what did you do before?
  If ‘NO’ what type of business are you involved in at present? (eg. Building, renovating)
  * How long have you been in this business?
  * Does your company if required have the ability to expand to meet demands?
  * Are you a sole operator or do you have others working for you?
  If ‘YES’ how many?
  * If injured or on holidays can your business continue to operate during your absence?
  * Is your Company a “Registered Pty Ltd” company?
  * Your premises you work from at present, does it have : (yes/no)
  Street frontage?
  A display area?
  Warehouse space?
  Warehouse sq/mtr?
  * What type of vehicle do you use?
  * For training purposes are you prepared to undertake training with Gliderol field servicemen, sales personnel, installers and spend time at our local state office for any other training required?
  * What “Customer Follow-up” system do you have?
  * Do you have access to the Internet?
  * Do you have E-Mail?
  If ‘YES’ what is your e-mail address?
  * Does your business have a web-site?
  * Do you have facsimile capabilities?
  * Do you have a computer system with the ability to run information programs?
  * At times you may need to take photos - Do you have a digital camera?
  * References: (From Jobs / People previously dealt with)
  1. Name:
  1. Phone:
  1. Relationship:
  2. Name:
  2. Phone:
  2. Relationship:
  3. Name:
  3. Phone:
  3. Relationship:
  4. Name:
  4. Phone:
  4. Relationship:
  * How would you rate your knowledge of the following products (1 = poor to 10 = excellent) :
  Roller Doors:
  Sectional Overhead Doors:
  Remote Control Garage Door Openers:
  * Have you had previous experience handling any of the above products?
  If so what?
  * Could you give me in your words the three most important factors influencing successful Sales?
  * What do you expect to sell within your region of responsibility in turnover or units sold? (ie. per month / per year)
  * Have you done any research in your region in regard to product volume, competitors and growth? If so what ?
  * Please explain your understanding of the Gliderol brand
  * Can you provide the following: (yes/no) (if so please attach)
  Certificate of currency of ‘Work-cover’ policy?
  Certificate of currency of ‘Public Liability’?
  Copy of ‘Trade Licences’?
  Copy of ‘Business Registrations’?
  Copy of ‘Work Method Statements’?
  Certificate of currency of ‘Work-cover’ policy
  Certificate of currency of ‘Public Liability’
  Copy of ‘Trade Licences’
  Copy of ‘Business Registrations’
  Copy of ‘Work Method Statements’
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