Garage Door Automation

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Roller door automation

  • Economatic  RDO-1 Roller door motor complete with control box, battery backup & 2  remotes 
  • Glidermatic  GRD Residential roller door motor complete with control box & 2 remotes
  • Glidermatic  GRD Commercial dual drive roller door motor complete with control box & 2 remotes
  • Glidermatic  GRD + Residential roller door motor complete with build inn controls & 2 remotes

Each Gliderol roller door motor range has different qualities to suits different garage doors. Gliderol introduced the first roller door motor that fits inside the roller door curtain! Our Using up to the minute technology, Gliderol has combined electronic circuitry, engineering know how and streamlined designs to create a wide range of garage door operators.

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RDO 1 Operator      RDO 1 Controller box   RX4 Black 4 button remotes

What makes our Economatic RDO 1 roller door motor range a all time favoured is that it can fit on any roller garage door! Furthermore the control box does include a build in battery backup.

There are 2 x 1,3 Amp/H 12vdc batteries inside, and the unit comes with 2 x 4 button remotes 

GRD standard / Dual  Residential controlbox Dual / IGDU Commercial controlbox G2 Remotes 433MHZ Code Hopping
  • The Glidermatic GRD operators also offer a range of optional extras including additional transmitters, dual override, an intruder alarm, backup power, weatherproof control box cover and photo electric eye beam.
  • The Glidermatic IGDU is specifically designed for continuous curtain roller doors, supplying more than sufficient force to lift almost any commercial roller door without exerting undue stress on the door. The operator can be factory fitted or retrofitted on site and comes with a fully insulated control box with built in switches and a wall mounted waist high manual override.
  • The Glidermatic IGDU is one of the strongest garage door operators on the market and has been thoroughly tested by an underwriters laboratory and proven in the commercial and industrial field

With all the same key features as the standard GRD, and the Dual GRD is the operator of choice for all roller doors over 12m2. Compatible with both new and existing drive units, the standard GRD and Dual operator comes with wall mounted control box that is easy to install and program.

Glidermatic GRD + Roller motor  Glidermatic GRD Commercial motors Sectional Door Motors



  • Our Economatic GTS sectional operator range are Gliderol’s premium overhead operator designed to suit any size sectional doors, comes in three sizes namely  800 Newton meter of Force, 1000 Newton meter of Force, 1200 Newton meter of Force. With the belt/chain drive safely enclosed in a roll formed steel section, all components of the Economatic GTS range are housed within the operator’s cover. And with a low voltage motor (24 volt), the Economatic GTS range is as quiet as any other belt/chain unit on the market.
  • Battery backup are availed for all above models.
Model 1000 NM Model 800NM Model 1200 NM